MHC Pension Scheme

Building for your future

It feels good to plan for the future. It feels even better when your employer helps you to do so. 

At MHC, we want you to be able to plan for your future. The current law for workplace pensions means that all employers must enrol their employees into a company pension plan to encourage them to save towards their retirement.

When you join MHC, you will automatically be enrolled into the MHC Ltd Pensions Plan. This will occur at the end of the third month of employment if:

  • You earn over £10,000 a year
  • Are aged 22 or over; and
  • Are under the state pension age

As a member of MHC Ltd Pension Plan, you can benefit from contributions from us which will help you build up a pot for yours and your family’s future.

If you have just joined MHC, wait to hear from the Finance Team regarding your pension plan.