Inspirational Artwork

A gentleman who lives at one of MHC’s Satellite homes in Denbigh has kindly shared some of his wonderful artwork with us. His talent never goes unnoticed and anyone who has the pleasure of looking at his drawings is captured!

He took some time to give us an insight into when and what inspired him to start drawing.

“I started drawing as an interest in the very late 1960’s. A bit of a compulsive stunt. I found I might be able to entertain others which was an emotional boost in life, which was comparatively empty because I found myself often, in an empty loophole or blind spot in the world where I was not recognised or acknowledged usually.

“Imagine a room of friends and all their warmth and chatter?

“I decided as my love and appreciation of people in general grew, that I would communicate with others through pictures. It was like sending postcards to friends you never knew you had. I had no choice and the pictures were ‘an explosion of love’ for strangers. And not an ego thing where I was concerned. Now I’ve made more drawings that I can actually count.”