Team MHC

Welcome to the App!

We are very excited to able to launch our very own Team MHC App! This app will hold all of the things that you need easy access to such as bank and overtime shifts, progression opportunities and important documentation.

The new app has been designed with Team MHC in mind and is there to be a easy tool for you to use.

On this app, you are able to view the latest news, contacts for all of the services and teams, all of your staff rewards, wellness tips, important documents including policies and procedures, and the overtime shifts currently available across all MHC services!

To view the overtime shifts available, go to the ‘Overtime’ section in the main menu and select which service you would like to view from the drop down menu. Managers and Deputy Managers are updating the list of shifts frequently so make sure to keep checking back for more shifts.

The app will be used as a quick and easy way to keep you updated on current news and to make sure everyone has access to important documents at all times.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions about the app, please email