Activities at Meols Drive

The Activity Coordinators at Meols Drive have been highlighting the importance of Safeguarding and testing staff knowledge of abuse and best practice.

During a series of workshops, staff have been taking part in interactive work with scenarios and Q&As about what is deemed a Safeguarding issue and poor practice, and then looking into how staff would respond to these situations. The sessions have been great for encouraging staff to keep their high standards of care in place and promote the need to always report any concerns, no matter how big or small they may seem.

The team are continuing these sessions weekly and also talk about the work that is occurring with the Dignity Champion and promote dignity in care.

Staff have also been promoting in-house fitness exercises which they have been leading and allowing the residents to choose what exercises they would like to do. Residents take part in a ‘Workout Wednesday’ where they really try to get moving and start the day with a buzz!