Category E Concerns

There has been communication around Category E Concerns and what type of event should fall under this category. We hope the following guidance will be of assistance, the categories are as follows:

Concern Raised (External Factor):

Example/s – staff have concerns around the performance of a pharmacy, an external person expresses their concern over the new sign on the building (this is not a formal complaint and a swift resolution can normally be achieved).

What is not a Concern Raised (External Factor) – any incidents involving resident/patient that would fall under another category.

Concern Raised (Resident Behaviour):

Example/s – external person or third party (i.e neighbour) has a concern in relation to the behaviour from a resident/patient, for example swearing.

What is not a Concern Raised (Resident Behaviour) – It is important that this category is not used to record staff concerns in relation to an incident, these concerns can be expressed on the incident form it relates to, under another category. For example – ‘Resident/patient X smashed the TV in the lounge, I am concerned about this as it is unusual for them to do this and they have never done this before.’ – This would be Category D, minor damage to property by a service user. Staff can express concerns in the incident form/debrief with the team.

Concern Raised (Family Conduct):

Example/s – Resident/patient has unusual interaction with family members. Staff are concerned about a family member’s manner or behaviour within the service.

What is not a Concern Raised (Family Conduct) – Family member is unhappy with the service being received (this would be a complaint).

Concern Raised (Resident Wellbeing):

Example/s – Member of the public expresses concern that they have not seen resident/patient X for a while in their shop as they normally come in daily.

What is not a Concern Raised (Resident Wellbeing) – Staff have noticed Resident Z has been arguing a lot recently which result in a physical altercation (this would be Category B – Peer to Peer).

Concern Raised (Service Dissatisfaction):

Example/s – An external person (i.e family member) feels there could be more variety to the menu. Visiting Social Worker feels that there should be more inclusive activities on offer.

What is not Concern Raised (Service Dissatisfaction) – Family member wishes to make a complaint in relation to the cleanliness of the service (this would be a complaint). Resident X wasn’t happy with their dinner so they threw the plate at a staff member and tipped over the table (this would be Category D – Violence to others not including peer to peer).

Concern Raised (Staff Conduct):

Example/s – Member of the public felt that staff didn’t provide enough support to a resident while in the community as the staff member was on their mobile phone instead of interacting with resident.

What is not Concern Raised (Staff Conduct) – Staff member is witnessed to be failing in their duty of care to a resident (this would be whistleblowing).

Concern Raised (Other):

This category is for anything which does not fit in to the above categories but is not an incident which relates to a resident/patient.